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Flame Sensor (Sensor Api) Infrared Receiver

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Deskripsi Flame Sensor (Sensor Api) Infrared Receiver



Module Features:
1, you can detect a flame or a wavelength within the 760 nm to 1100 nm range of the light source, the test flame lighter distance 80cm, for the greater flame, farther test distance
of about 2, detection angle of 60 degrees, particularly sensitive to flame photometry
3, sensitivity adjustable (shown in blue digital potentiometer adjustment)
4, the comparator output signal clean, good waveform, driving ability, more than 15mA
5, with adjustable precision potentiometer sensitivity adjustment
6, the working voltage of 3.3V-5V
7, Output form: DO digital switching output (0 and 1) and AO analog voltage output
8, a fixing bolt hole, easy installation
9, small plates PCB Size: 3.2 cm x 1.4cm
10, using a wide voltage comparator LM393

Wiring Product Description:
1, VCC positive power supply 3.3-5V
2, GND power supply is negative
3, DO TTL switching signal output

Module for use:
1, the flame sensor to the flame of the most sensitive to ordinary light is also a reaction, usually used as a flame alarm purposes.
2, a small plate output interface can be directly connected to the microcontroller IO port
3, the sensor and the flame to maintain a certain distance, so as not to damage the temperature sensor, the flame of a lighter test distance of 80cm, to the flame, the more distant the test distance
4, a small plate simulation output mode and the AD conversion process, can achieve higher accuracy
5, when the sensor detects a flame, sunlight, or infrared light, to reach the threshold set by the potentiometer, the green indicator will light, DO and output low level (about 0-0.1V), the green light is not on, then DO high output voltage of about 3v


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