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Aomway 5.8GHz 1000mW TX1000 Video Transmitter

Ditambahkan pada : April 6th, 2016
Rp 950.000 Rp 1.350.000

Kode Produk : A01005
Dilihat : 487 kali
Kategori : Video Audio Sender
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Aomway 5.8GHz 1000mW TX1000 Video Transmitter

Aomway 5.8GHz 1000mW TX1000 Video Transmitter

The Aomway 5.8GHz 1000mW TX1000 is the perfect option for those that are looking for a high power output transmitter with integral cooling fan, ideal for long range FPV work in one easy to use unit.
The TX1000 video transmitter packs 1000mW of ultra clean 5.8GHz power in a conveniently sized and durable video/audio package! Adjustable frequency selection and a selectable 5 or 12 Volt camera power output makes this a must have for those looking for a robust transmitter with good performance.
Note: Please check with your local authorities regarding the operation of this equipment before you purchase. Regulations on power output, usable frequencies and licenses to operate vary from region to region.
Note: For best range and video link stability we recommend using a circular-polarized Antenna (SMA) available below in the accessorys tab

Upgraded video circuit and sensitivity, with 1W telemetry
Blue semi – transparent shell, more convenient for use
5.8GHz band FM audio/video transmit synchro
Stereo, left/right audio channel independent transmission

Range: approximately 32KM
Low consumption: 12V 700mA
Power: 1000mW/30dBm
Frequency: 15CH, CH1-7, +CH1-8
Built-in two emission frequency: 5740-5860MHz/5705-5945MHz
Format: NTSC/PAL
Wide input voltage: DC7-16V
Output Voltage for CMOS camera operation: 5V or 12V (switch through jumper)
Current: 12V 650mA
Antenna Connection: SMA
Size: 63x35x24mm
Weight: 42g with case
Package Includes:
One 1000mW Transmitter
One 3db Antenna
One Video cable


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